The U.S. Department of Defense has adopted the Dupont and SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG product as the “M-25” with the announcement that the M-25 is already deployed. The M-25 is a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) that uses the Dupont fuel cell technology with the expertise of SFC in manufacturing and fuel cell control […]

Surfing the net has some rewards. Depending on your economic condition and your views about energy and fuels the observations that follow offer cause for fear or just fun. But reality will bite all but the most wealthy soon, and they have the most to lose. They’ll get on board when the economic shrink gets […]

There’s a devil for the current physics thinking being developed in New Jersey. The new thinking is to release the energy from the electron spin of an atom rather than try to manipulate the nucleus by splitting it in fission or merging them in fusion. Simply put, the notion is harvest the release of the […]

Professors Richard Larrick and Jack Soll at Duke University assert in their article in Science on June 20 2008 that gallons per mile has more value than miles per gallon. I agree, as I’ve figured that way and look to what it costs to get the miles we need traveled. Miles per gallon just confuses […]

Professor Steve Furber, professor of computer engineering at the University of Manchester had an idea to support his lecture last Friday. The lecture is entitled the “Relentless March of the Microprocessor” for the inaugural Kilburn Lecture to mark the 60th anniversary of the “Baby” computer built at the university in 1948. He compared the rate […]

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