There’s a devil for the current physics thinking being developed in New Jersey. The new thinking is to release the energy from the electron spin of an atom rather than try to manipulate the nucleus by splitting it in fission or merging them in fusion. Simply put, the notion is harvest the release of the electron’s energy from its spin by getting it to spin in a smaller radius from the nucleus.

The gain is measured in the hundredfold rather than the stunning releases from fission or fusion. By using hydrogen and the use of one unit of energy to split it from water the net gain from the spin reduction it’s said to yield 100 times that in the release of heat and light. The fuel is water and the catalyst that provides the means for the hydrogen electron to down rate its spin to the state of a hydrino.

This is another thing that drives physicists nuts. The idea flies into the conventional thinking of quantum physics theory. So most everyone in the science field asserts that the phenomena can not exit. But the company working toward power generation and the new hydrino chemicals formed when the process occurs has a different view. Its Blacklight Power Inc. led by Randell Mills.

This is not your suspicious, or basement genius, or scammy sounding company. Blacklight is burning its $60 million of venture and early rounds of financing with board members that range from high level U.S. government former staff to the CEO of the famed Electronic Data Systems, Michael Jordan founded by the popular or notorious Ross Perot. Occupying 53,000 square feet of space filled with the best modern research and development equipment that part (about $10 million) of that $60 million will buy, used by 22 employees that count 8 PhDs and some 20 consultants they are busily using their early prototype to form the new chemicals and create new proprietary compounds.

BlackLight Process

But the magic is in the energy release process. Mills discovered or invented or innovated the basic idea back in 1991. He claimed that he’d come up with a way to form hydrinos, that before were only postulated in theory, and do it in a way to capture the energy released during the transition and in turn use it to generate electricity. The inputs are water split out for the hydrogen, and the catalyst that when reacted releases the 100 fold multiple of heat that is used for heating water to make steam that is used at 1/100th to split water again for more hydrogen. The excess is power to sell. Simple. But there remains the issue of coming up with the catalyst and the hydrogen into a solid fuel. We’ll just assume that can be done for a small part of the remaining 99 units of energy.

But the rub is quantum physics doesn’t accept that hydrogen can be pushed to a lower (hydrino) state, which drives physicists that pay any attention a little crazy. Not one to be leaving such a concept laying flat Mills has his version of The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics on the net. Its getting very hard to ignore this man and his ideas (a free download).

Usually these things seem to lose the light and simply fade away, but last month Blacklight announced they have a prototype reactor running at 50kw at an input cost of under 1 cent per kilo-watt hour. This news has been updated with the fact that the catalyst that makes this all possible was invented about a year ago and that now they have the materials for validation and business development. Shrewd. Very Shrewd.

Now they’re moving to showing off a working unit. A prototype plant is set to be built in New Jersey in 2009. Plans are underway to scale up the process.

Is it all for real? Chris Morrison who writes at VentureBeat corresponded with Blacklight and Mills and was directed to Randy Booker, a physics professor at the University of North Carolina who at the behest of, get this, Greenpeace, went to evaluate the technology in 2005. Booker told Morrison that he has visited several times.

Booker relates, “They put in energy, and the yield is about 50% more than what they’re putting in. I’ve also validated their scientific methods, and it seems like they’re doing everything right, from the measurements to procedures. It’s nothing small or miniscule, it’s very obvious. What Mills has come up with is a ‘new, revolutionary theory’.” Booker allows he hasn’t seen the 50kw unit yet and bases his views on the earlier 2kw prototype unit.

Is it all for real? What is encouraging is that some highly competent people are on a path to fully validate within a couple years or so. If its shown to be viable the energy and fuel economy will shift in big way over a not very long period of time.

With lots of ability to raise money, they might just lease units for a share of the revenue. At under 1 cent per kw they have some huge opportunities out there. Keep in mind that the known information has this company standing outside of government interference, hasn’t made outlandish claims, breaks press releases when they seem to have the preceding steps nailed and the know how for what’s coming mapped out.

That makes the confidence that something is here on the high side. All the physics commentary aside, if the process and devices work, then the physics world will be needing an update, which may be over due as its been a hundred years now since any big improvement has come or sensible reconciliation with relativity and quantum mechanics been offered. We’ll see over the next two or three years. Theories are fancy explanations and explanations are always something needing to be improved on.


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  1. Anonymous on June 29, 2008 7:23 AM

    Excellent article.

  2. Jerry Ryberg on June 30, 2008 7:58 PM

    I want one.
    Exciting, isn’t it. But I’ve read comments that say Mills is writing a lot of bogus science, etc., and has made some untrue or at least uncool statements in the past. But I get the idea that now he may be getting things together. Like one person said, we only have to wait a year or 18 months, to find out. Smart people now are saying that “something is going on here that we haven’t seen before”.
    We don’t have to wait long to find out.

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    […] Going Beyond Quantum Physics for Energy But the rub is quantum physics doesn’t accept that hydrogen can be pushed to a lower (hydrino) state, which drives physicists that pay any… […]

  4. Andreas on July 4, 2008 1:42 PM


    if Dr. Mills’ theory is proved right, then so will Einstein.

    Although Einstein made a major contribution to quantum mechanics with the nobel-price winning explanation of the photoelectric effect, he never fully accepted the then new quantum theory. He especially disliked what he called “spooky action at a distance” and the element of randomness inherent in the theory. His words “gods doesn’t place dice” became famous.

    Einstin was trying for much of his life to find a closed-form theory eliminating the element of randomness und unifying general relativity (his own invention) with quantum theory.

    So, if Dr. Mills’s theory is right and works, it would in a way also be Einstein greatest triumph.

  5. Luis Dias on July 8, 2008 4:17 PM

    Oh, Puh Lease! This thing is an OLD HOAX that has been perpetuating since 1991, when this moron first “taught” the world about these “hydrinos”. He was debunked, humiliated and torn apart. Yet, he’s at it again… for the money. It seems that there are always suckers in the tubes with money ready to put in the garbage can.

    A little advice to the blog poster:

    Whenever you see the claims of a “new energy source” that will “revolutionize everything”, be highly suspect. If the subject will also claim to have solved “Quantum Physics and General Relativity”, hit the snooze button. It’s definitely a hoax. I mean, there is a TON of sites just like these, waiting for the gullibility of journalists and venture capitalists.

    Grow the **** up. Such naiveté is a crime in the age of Google.

  6. Mike on July 10, 2008 1:25 PM

    Luis Dias. Your language in your post reveals your intellectual level, or rather lack thereof. Just so you can understand with your own words … shut the **** up.

  7. Brian Westenhaus on July 10, 2008 2:19 PM

    OK. Lets not be cursing and such. I like George Carlin a lot – but I do try to avoid those seven words and would be thankful if everyone else would too. There is a very wide array of visitors, so think that your grandma or daughter might read what you write. Rest in peace George and thanks for pointing out so many human foibles with laughter.

  8. crankshaft53 on August 1, 2008 12:28 AM

    It could very well be that he is wrong about why it works, if it works. Where is a public demonstration?

  9. Patrick on September 24, 2008 8:37 AM

    I’m all for a new energy source… but the absence of video documentation and independent verification of these processes leaves me cold so to speak.

    I also wonder that if he really did have something going on here… why the oil companies haven’t stepped in and put the kabosh on it either by buying him out or hiring a professional to ummm… terminate the project.

  10. Kyle on January 6, 2009 1:44 PM

    Luis Dias,

    What are you doing to make the world better??
    Oh thats right….nothing!
    At least this guy is trying!
    Even if his theories are wrong and his ‘invention’ goes bust. At least he tried!
    I doubt he’s ‘scamming’ people on purpose, he probably honestly believes hes onto something.

  11. Jason on January 11, 2010 2:48 PM

    It seems likely that Mill’s technology works. Just in time to hopefully skirt the downslope of the Hubbert Curve (peak oil) which was looking way nasty socially speaking.

    Whether that validates his theory is another question. He claims in his free three part ebook to have wrapped up a lot of loose ends in cosmology, and basic physics and so on, which of course would have made Einstein very happy as mentioned above. The guy is really articulate and his math seems impressive to me. Since Einstein invoked God (contra gambler) I will too – a simpler and much more elegant theory, like Mills’, has a lot of sex appeal, and God is into elegant rather than kludgy. Not to mention Occan’s razor.

    So if a Swiss patent clerk can change the game, why not Dr. Mills? I’m tired of these NSF funded cry babies who are quick to mount a political ad hominem attack but can’t be bothered to read and analyze a radical claim like Mills’ for themselves, as though it the very possibility of a truly paradigm shifting idea coming from outside their academic cloister was unthinkable or heretical.

    That being said, there is a claim of a more mainstream reconciliation of Mills’ experimental results and accepted theory, in the form of “Hydrino as relativistic hydrogen” put forward by Francis Roarty ( He posits relativistic phenomena as the basis for Mills’ energy device results. More importantly there is a patent already filed on the exploitation of this phenomenology, somewhat as he conceptualizes it. The question is, how would a legal challenge assert that the energy release is indeed the result of the effect described in the patent, rather than as a result of Mills’ theoretical 1/n energy state hydrinos? It will be interesting to see whether the patent holders will assert against Mills/BLP, seeking perhaps royalties. The only way to settle that would be to definitively prove or disprove Mills’ basic theory, as far as I can see but I’m not a real IP guru or anything.

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