Welcome to newenergyandfuel.com’s about page. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the news and views across the emerging field of energy and fuels in our future. Here you will find the most exciting and useful news, guides and tips for making and saving money in energy and fuel, just how things work or not, where you might want to invest or get involved in a brainstorming session with other readers.

The best part of any developing field is the limitations are simply the imaginations of the people working at creating, innovating, developing, investing and using the new products we’ll see in the coming years. If we’ve learned anything in the past century its that energy and fuels are what make growing economies and increasing standards of living possible.

The simple “old days” of a petroleum economy are behind us now. The future might seem like a vision into a confused picture of changes – so lets see what sense can be made of it all.