Two new studies with international participation might change the way scientists view the crucial relationship between Earth’s climate and the carbon cycle. The reports explore the global photosynthesis and respiration rates — the planet’s deep “breaths” of carbon dioxide, in and out.  The researchers say that the new findings will be used to update and […]

You might have seen those shake and charge flashlights on sale.  They’ve come a long way since the first ones only a few short years ago.  Now the impressive Japanese Firm Brother Industries has developed small vibration-powered generators that can replace the little AA and AAA batteries.  This is good. Called a “Vibration-powered Generating Battery,” […]

George Washington University’s Dr. Stuart Licht and colleagues have published the first experimental evidence of their new solar thermal electrochemical photovoltaic (STEP) process, which combines electrical and chemical pathways to convert CO2 to carbon or to carbon monoxide for subsequent use in synthesizing a range of industrially relevant products including hydrocarbon fuels. According to the […]

Occidental Petroleum is running a very clever and funny ad supporting and informing about what petroleum is used for as well as natural gas, gasoline and diesel. As you’ve seen in the video lots of things will disappear.  They even missed important stuff like the concrete foundation of the house, the asphalt roadway and the […]

University of Cincinnati researchers in Ohio are reporting the development of a catalytic hydroboration system for the “highly efficient” reduction of CO2 with a borane and then hydrolysis of the resulting methoxyboryl species to produce methanol (CH3OH) with a good yield.  In short form – the researchers have a system to take CO2 gas and […]

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