It’s out there, or so they say in the cosmic physics community.  There is a mysterious “dark energy” believed to constitute nearly three-fourths of the mass and energy of the Universe out there.  That’s a lot of power. Dark energy is the label scientists have given to what is causing the Universe to expand at […]

Big is better – or so many have believed for decades about atomic fission reactor and the generator sets needed to use the output.  Now Rod Adams from Atomic Insights Blog has entered the Controversy – or more on point – sets out a basis for no controversy. Realistically, small fission reactors have been used […]

Starting with the Ericsson Cycle idea, Purdue University researchers have developed a new type of heat pump that could allow residents in cold climates to cut their heating bills in half. Eckhard Groll, a professor of mechanical engineering who is working on the project with James Braun professor of mechanical engineering and W. Travis Horton, […]

Sterling Allan runs the site, a site replete with everything out on the edge and beyond where regular folks and conventional scientists get suspicious and aggravated.  This writer admires and frequents Mr. Allan’ site regularly looking for the gem – as this writer is suspicious of the law like conclusions of ‘accepted science’.  History […]

Purdue University chemical engineers are proposing the creation of mobile processing plants that would rove the Midwest to produce the fuel with a newly developed method to process agricultural waste and other biomass into biofuels. Rakesh Agrawal, the Winthrop E. Stone Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering said,  “What’s important is that you can process all […]

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