The Linde Group is currently the leading supplier of CO2 in the U.S., providing CO2 for processes like dry-cleaning, welding gases and cooling food products.  Linde is an industry leader that employs about 48,000 people and earned nearly $18 billion in the gases and engineering sector in 2010. Linde has announced a partnership with Sapphire […]

At Stanford University researchers have developed a “rechargeable battery” that uses freshwater and seawater to create electricity. Aided by nanotechnology, the battery employs the difference in salinity between fresh and saltwater to generate a current. A power station might be built wherever a river flows into the ocean. Yi Cui, Associate Professor of Materials Science […]

There was a temptation to headline with the word ‘natural’ as Dr. Woo Lee, the George Meade Bond Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the Stevens Institute of Technology and his senior design team of Rachel Kenion, Liana Vaccari, and Katie Van Strander has designed biochar electrodes for supercapacitors. Today supercapacitors are used […]

The first firm we’ll look at is Flibe Energy, a new company that will develop small modular reactors based on liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) technology.  Flibe Energy is a new company founded by Kirk Sorensen who was (is still?) chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown.  The second is Thorenco LLC, founded by Charles S. Holden […]

Two new hydrogen production methods made news this week, one to be small enough to carry and one industrial scale. The industrial size process comes from Dr. Mohamed Halabi a freshly minted PhD at TU Eindhoven in the Netherlands.  The paper is his PhD dissertation, “Sorption Enhanced Catalytic Reforming of Methane for Pure Hydrogen Production […]

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