Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology scientists at Empa have further boosted the energy conversion efficiency of flexible photovoltaic solar cells made of copper indium gallium (di)selenide (also known as CIGS) to a new world record of 18.7 percent. The same team achieved the previous record of 17.6 percent in June 2010 making […]

It’s phosphorus.  The element of great importance – its essential for life – humans and animals need it for healthy bone formation, and plants need it to grow.  Without it for fertilization of food crops, the supplies will drop over a few years much further than markets can adapt.  Some people will fall into malnutrition, […]

GreenCarCongress leads the news about Japan’s Kobe University researchers developing a yeast species capable of directly fermenting ethanol from cellulosic materials. Just how the folks at GreenCarCongress manages that without a press release coming out is a mystery and it also leaves us at some mercy for the writer, Mr. Mike Millikin’s own interpretation.  Mr. […]

Monash University of Australia in the lead role with researchers at UC Davis in the USA and using the facilities at the Australian Synchrotron has published a paper the journal Nature Chemistry Sunday May 15, 2011 describing very simple mineral, commonly seen as a black stain on rocks that oxidizes the oxygen out of water. […]

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jun Xu a member of ORNL’s Chemical Sciences Division has boosted the light-to-power conversion efficiency of photovoltaic solar cells by nearly 80 percent with a new method to build photovoltaic solar cell. Xu said he and his team, “designed the three-dimensional structure to provide an intrinsic electric field distribution that promotes […]

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