The U.S. Department of Energy through a competitive process announced that it has selected teams led by Idaho National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory to advance the technology of nuclear fuel called “Deep-Burn.” This revolutionary technology in which plutonium and higher transuranics recycled from spent nuclear fuel are destroyed while generating energy not only advances […]

I don’t spend much time on hydrogen production methods, as they are so far stunningly expensive even though some new ones are very efficient. One thing is certain; humanity will need free hydrogen to make good use of the planet’s resources and work responsibly with the carbon cycle. Another point made to me about hydrogen […]

A guest author going by Libelle posted a piece titled “Compressed Air Energy Storage – How Viable Is It?” Sunday at TheOilDrum, Canada. It’s a top-flight review of the physics and explains the thermodynamics in a quaint, easy to grasp way. Libelle suggests that raising the elevation of water might be more effective. From here […]

Stephen Forrest at Michigan University and Yuri Sun at Princeton have their paper describing their new method of building organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) available in Nature Photonics. Like the semiconductor light emitting diodes (SLEDs) from Purdue’s researchers we looked at last week these scientists are driving to a highly efficient LED based on the […]

OK, it’s Saturday and I’m going to throw something extra out at you. It’s a (gasp) politician or more accurately a college professor taking a run at the U.S. Congress from Maine. John Frary wrote the following piece for the Village Soup a kind of “Beyond print and online news for community based discourse, debate […]

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