At this moment LEDs are far more expensive than the compact florescent lamp. The efficiency is similar, but the LED should be much more compact and able to fill many more specialized roles. So when Purdue’s Timothy D. Sands, Professor of Materials Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering has a paper appearing in the journal […]

There are reasons behind the motives for new energy and fuel methods to keep the world economy growing and preserve our way of life while making it possible for everyone else to improve their lives too. It’s oft-said in assorted ways that we’ll need all the energy from every source, every joule, every molecule. As […]

Now that everyone with any sense is noticing, the plans and policy measures, suggestions, speeches and letters are coming out. Are they news? Are they propaganda? Food for wonks? Worthwhile or a waste of time? Some of each in varying degrees in every case. Some eerily remind of old black and white films of speeches […]

Almost everyone coming here has a firm idea that battery technology is a critical part of the changes we need to see for a healthy economy. There is a lot going on in the research and development field. We’re going to look into one in a moment, but first lets have a reality check on […]

Last week saw a stream of disgusting, alarming, encouraging and worrisome headlines about activities that have nothing to do with getting supplies up, demand, down, alternatives working or helping out the economy in any significant way in the political arena. We know who the enemy is – and it’s politics. The short list: Al Gore […]

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