While the world is watching with horror or glee at the price of oil and its products there is a dark horse out there growing stronger, gaining resources, gathering intelligence and innovation all pointed to pushing oil off of its pedestal. It’s methanol, the one carbon, four hydrogen and one oxygen atom molecule that has […]

“Ah! Out with the sharp knives mates.” T. Boone Pickens has his idea of launching wind power so strongly made and out so fast that natural gas could be used for cars instead of some of the gasoline we’re using. Can it stand the test of close examination? Make no mistake; this Pickens fellow is […]

Professor Marcelo Izquierdo from the Department of Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics of the UC3M and researcher at the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (IETCC) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas is building a solar cooling system that unlike the existing machines on the market, uses an improved absorption mechanism capable […]

The past two weeks have seen T. Boone Pickens offer his solution to the fuel prices issue and Sunday saw the short version of the Andrew Grove and Robert Burgelman article published by the Washington Post. I admire all three of these men. I met Mr. Pickens about 25 years ago at, if memory serves, […]

The popular attention is getting a tighter focus on the costs for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel – the fuels we use to get ourselves where we want to be and get the things we want close enough to buy them. Those costs are on a steep climb up. You’re going to hear a lot […]

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