Last week saw a stream of disgusting, alarming, encouraging and worrisome headlines about activities that have nothing to do with getting supplies up, demand, down, alternatives working or helping out the economy in any significant way in the political arena.

We know who the enemy is – and it’s politics.

The short list:

Al Gore assumes and many listen to the bewildering idea that this guy has answers to problems. But Al Gore is a problem. Last week’s event is nothing but a recombination of other’s ideas made into a disjointed celebrity event about Al Gore that offers nothing but incredible claims to be paid for by, well, you. As if any of the prognostications would be better handled by Al Gore and his cronies. If you can believe that, and most of the media, and a bunch of people think so, well, I have some hard boiled eggs that will hatch into the finest chickens ever for sale . . . No links, its all over the Internet. Who could miss it? Everyone should have.

The Democrats offer a “Use It or Lose It” bill that is well, redundant. Or utterly dumbfoundingly ignorant of the oil leasing process now or even has a basic understanding of where petroleum is found and produced. With legislators like these who needs oil? We can all move out on the land, dig wells by hand, grow our own food, walk into town once a month and live happily ever after. Haven’t the politicians, media and businesses that support such drivel realized that there won’t be income to tax, viewers and listeners to motivate or customers to buy in such a world?

Now opposite to this is Iran and Venezuela have started up deals to refine both countries heavy oil. Ecuador is looking for help in Iran and China for a new refinery that they have in a deal with Venezuela. Is there some disconnection? The nut in Venezuela, the tyrants of Iran and Communist dictators of China all seem to sound like they can get it done. The Americans are fighting about a redundant and pointless law in the meantime.

And just to put a bullet on the end of the list, China and Viet Nam are less than great friends, or even peaceable neighbors. Real shooting breaks out once in a while. So with the prospecting of oil in the South China Sea underway, and the obvious leading prospectors being, well, the independent oil company Exxon Mobil, and the area obviously Vietnamese, but contested by China, the Chinese have decided to lay the pressure on the independent oil company instead of following the agreed to rules of mediation. So its fair to say the politics of the whole world are working against the petroleum product buyers.

Short term it’s just more fuel for the speculators. Looking out, more delays. For alternatives I can’t imagine a less credible supporter than Al Gore who is if nothing else, a professional at misleading the public. He invented the internet, after all, wasn’t it?

And these are just the bits since Thursday.

So while you’re plotting to save fuel, cut back on your energy use, save some money, invest in better efficiency and more production or alternatives keep in mind that the main enemy is politicians and politics. Time is money and no one can waste them both better, longer and more effectively than politicians, in any country in any system with less reason.

Waiting for the governments to do something might be much worse than doing the some things ourselves.

OK, Ok. Al’s Goring me puts me in a poor mood. It’s getting so he reminds me of Hermann . . .

Politics puts me in a poor mood. I apologize – well, a little anyway.


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