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April 29, 2011 | 12 Comments

With total silence from the EEStor firm and its known associates one bit of news has made it out.  To summarize in the briefest way – EEStor is progressing. That maximum condensing comes from the where news and posts are just difficult to get. A click over there I’m sure would be welcome.  Having […]

Colleagues from the universities of St. Andrews in Scotland and Bochum and Helmholtz-Forschungszentrum in Berlin, with scientists at KIT’s Institute for Functional Interfaces, headed by Professor Christof Wöll, have succeeded in gathering new findings on the fundamental mechanisms of photochemistry on titanium dioxide (TiO2). Solar energy as a power source with its direct conversion into […]

Maybe this is it, or so close that fuel cells might get some market traction at consumer prices.  In a paper published Friday April 22, 2011 in Science, Los Alamos researchers describe the use of a platinum-free catalyst in the cathode of a hydrogen fuel cell. Eliminating platinum the precious metal more expensive than gold, […]

After more than 150 years engine manufacturers are one step closer to being able to replace spark plugs in internal combustion engines with laser igniters. Laser igniters are reputed to enable cleaner, more efficient, and more economical vehicles. So far lasers strong enough to ignite an engine’s air-fuel mixtures were too large to fit under […]

A team at Stanford University is proposing using solid oxide fuel cells as the basis for a method for electricity production from oil shale with in situ carbon capture called “electricity production with in situ carbon capture” (EPICC) as a means to provide transportation services from oil shale with greatly reduced CO2 emissions. If such […]

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