Mitsui Chemical Inc. of Japan has decided to begin construction of a pilot plant for continued development of producing methanol from industrial CO2 effluent and photocatalyst produced hydrogen. Due to build starting in October of 2008 with completion next February the plant is expected to go into use in March of 2010, the plant’s annual […]

Checking Up On Thorium

August 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

It’s been most of a year since I had a look at thorium in the details about reactors. The news in the interim has been good with the thorium reserves in the U.S. proven up with confirmed discoveries, primarily in the Lemhi Pass area that Thorium Energy, Inc holds. The most interesting thing is the […]

Utah is seeing a “boom” in natural gas i.e. methane fueled automobiles sold and converted from gasoline entering the local fleet. With gasoline still well beyond $3.00 and the local natural gas equivalent at $0.87 the motive is strong. With the incentives from the State of Utah up to $3,000 for a new vehicle and […]

Robert Rapier who writes the R-Squared Blog offered up a useful post yesterday that describes Mr. Rapier’s thinking in two important areas. All of us can use Mr. Rapier’s quick and easy guides in forming thoughts about where to invest, have expectations and judge how to save for future investments in tools that use energy. […]

Politics and the attending sound bites, slogans and dim thinking are soon to be laid on the Americans with a vengeance. One top slogan is “Energy Independence” that sounds good to the American mind but does, well, nothing for consumers, business or government. It’s nothing more than politicians and the press playing off of public […]

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