Probably, and it is rushing to a sure thing. The news broke that Byogy Renewables has licensed the methane to liquid fuels technology from Texas Engineering and Experiment Station (TEES), a part of Texas A&M University. The Byogy process is a stack of processes starting with pre-treating the “energy crop” such as municipal waste in […]

Hyperion Power Generation’s nuclear reactor licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratory has customers for likely six to start and perhaps as many as fifty. About the size of a hot tub, well actually two stacked up or 1.5 meter cubed or cubed at less than 5 feet, these units are quite small. Manufactured and sealed […]

The U.S. alone has an estimated 19,000 square miles of asphalt paved roads and parking lots. As essentially everyone can attest, asphalt is a great infrared absorber and being very dense holds a lot of heat thus toasting bare feet with slight sun and barely warm temperatures. Now 19K square miles is a lot of […]

Many of us are familiar with accumulators in gas and hydraulic systems as a vessel that stores a volume usually with an internal diaphragm that has a spring force by a compressed gas. The result is a cell that can buffer the system gases or fluids smoothing pressure spikes. As a practical point though, a […]

Congress can’t get the alternative energy credits renewed and on the books for the (I’ve lost count) time. By itself the missing tax credits will be a problem. But the price of coal, oil and natural gas will still be their own undoing as primary fuel sources. It’s about the money. Alternatives such as solar […]

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