The Good Bets for ‘08

December 31, 2007 | 4 Comments

It’s a tradition at year end, and at the beginning of the new year to prognosticate on what the new year will show us. For the new energy and fuel area there are some obvious and not so obvious ideas all tainted by my bias and prejudices. Forward looking is fun, fraught with hopes and […]

The Top Energy Stories of 2007 Thanks to Robert Rapier of R-Squared Energy Blog who asked his readers to offer what they thought the top stories in the energy field were for 2007.  In contrast to is the position he’s taken shared by his visitor group that has a much dimmer view of the […]

For most of us, we’re being asked just what the source of power will be for the devices we use.  In the home, we’re likely using electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane and other choices.  For travel, we are offered gasoline, diesel, jet and electricity and others soon.  Without a lot of thought, we’re choosing […]

To really do something about oil imports, gasoline and diesel consumption (and CO2 emissions) America will have to get a grip on the light truck issue. They make up the largest share and have the poorest fuel economy of the U.S. fleet. For some owners the light truck is a tool that pulls and carries […]

Today is Christmas in the western part of Christendom, next month in the east. So I’m sending you the greeting of Merry Christmas, and all the good cheer that the holiday represents to you and your loved ones. That might not seem to be on point for some, but please consider that the greeting is […]

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