With gasoline and heating oil prices making pain for so many, the press is full of articles written by those who understand the issue well and those who seem to understand not at all.  The “Energy Bill” was passed by the congress and was signed into law last week.  You might be able to find […]

DKRW has announced that it has signed a deal with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company for the methanol to gasoline segment of technology to complete the Medicine Bow facility conversion to gasoline from diesel production. The Medicine Bow facility will convert the coal first to synthetic gas, then on to methanol and finish by converting […]

I always learn when I read Geoffrey Styles page, Energy Outlook.  On Wednesday December 19th he opens an issue that I want to link with, comment on and add some things that were overlooked. The post is titled “Rethinking Fuel Economy,” and starts by reflecting on the so-called “Energy Bill” that was signed into law […]

The University of Copenhagen’s Martin Aagesen has discovered a nano-sized crystalline structure said to absorb all incoming light. The University of Copenhagen issued a press release of five paragraphs that has been picked up and republished dozens of not hundreds of times worldwide. The interesting thing is while there is a hope that these nano-sized […]

First up is a study that uses microbes to free heavy oil and change it into natural gas.  An international team centered at the University of Calgary, which is close to the Canadian heavy oil deposits in Alberta is showing how crude oil deposits are naturally broken down by microbes in the reservoir.  The discovery […]

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