An American Physical Society group chaired by Roy Schwitters reports that if U.S. nuclear plants continue to shut down instead of extending operations the nation risks losing 60 percent of its clean electricity production starting as soon as 2030. That’s the baseload share that runs 100% of the time and is the lowest cost electricity […]

This week saw a team at Ford Motor Company’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn release a detailed study of the effect of ethanol blend levels in emissions.  The study wasn’t done with the latest and greatest products, rather they used a 2006 model, an age about midway through most of the working U.S. private […]

Christmas Holiday Wishes

December 25, 2013 | 3 Comments

Christmas Holiday Wishes The U.S. is now in its fifth year of an economic downturn, a situation that has refocused folks during this season to less commercial activity and a bit more faith based interaction.  Its subtle, meanwhile the political correctness crowd, mass media and the Intolerants have noisily drilled abused and attacked the very […]

A Max-Planck-UBC Centre for Quantum Materials (UBC) led research team has discovered a universal electronic state that controls the behavior of high-temperature superconducting copper-oxide ceramics.  The team includes a consortium of research institutions in Canada, the United States and Japan. The research paper was published last week in the journal Science and reveals the universal […]

Engineers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created a continuous chemical process that produces useful crude oil minutes after they pour in harvested algae.  The new design could bring algae to a more market ready status. The research results have been published in the journal Algal Research. A biofuels company, […]

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