It seems to be a breakout month for catalysts. We just looked a few days ago at a method to see them working and now Rice University has announced and Michael Wong’s team has published their research in seeing catalysts work in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. This new technique relies on nanoparticles […]

Hey, getting away from the calories and that bloated feeling? Need a little insight, satire and hope for the days to come with a bit of reversed viewing to get a little perspective on all of this? Well, the Dow Industrials is about a 1000 points over the recent daily lows, mortgage rates fell nearly […]

A Thorium Update

November 26, 2008 | 3 Comments

Way back on the main lists of power generation is the metal thorium that can be used similarly to uranium for fission nuclear fuel. Thorium misses most issues that concern people about nuclear power such as radioactivity, long-term waste issues and making weapons from the fuel. Last month saw Senator Orrin Hatch pop a bill, […]

Low temperature heat, now claimed down to 65 degrees C is being used to generate electricity. That would scald you but isn’t hot in terms of being past the boiling point of water or oven cooking temperatures. It’s well within range of lots of geothermal. It’s easily under the waste heat temperature in most all […]

A Not So Small War

November 24, 2008 | 5 Comments

For many the piracy off the horn of Africa seems interesting if a little remote. The stories about pirates catching up to freighter ships then asking for a ransom might seem an odd curiosity. But when pirates seize and move 2 million gallons of oil, or more than 36,000 tons of wheat we’re talking food […]

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