A team at Cornell University led by Professor Peng Chen has developed an internal reflection fluorescence microscope that is more versatile than commercial models designed to observe a catalyst at work. This is a first and an important breakthrough event. “Ingenious” as described by the University writer Bill Steele, the microscope is part of a […]

With all the believers in the face of the best facts still pushing for global warming doomsdays, coal is having a difficult time as a fuel for the exploding need for electrical power generation. Now I fully agree that burning coal and sending clouds of effluents rich in nasty metals, sulfur compounds and an array […]

Torrefaction is a thermo-chemical treatment of biomass in the 200 to 340 degrees Celsius range. In this process the biomass partly (especially the hemi-cellulose) decomposes, giving off various types of volatiles. The remaining torrefied biomass (solid) has approximately 30% more energy content per unit of mass. Annually, photosynthesis is said to store 5-8 times more […]

Many believe that buying equities, stocks, oil well drilling project shares and bonds in companies that work in finding and producing oil plus the companies that are researching and expecting to produce alternatives are the investments positioned for great future growth. That’s a near sure thing as energy use is going to be volatile over […]

One can fairly expect that the media, pseudo science, muckrakers, financial goblins and other players are going to try to have climate change pave the way to their holy nirvana. It’s enough to make taxpayers and consumers recoil in horror. It bad enough that we support an amazing array of “research” paid to prove global […]

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