Solar photovoltaic cells have a big cost barrier to get to widespread adoption. Paired up with difficult weather like hail and wind much of the world remains completely out of bounds. So when something really clever and innovative shows up, its worth a close look. Morgan Solar’s whiz, John Paul Morgan came up with a […]

We might want to know what this is, its going to affect your electricity rates. Ultra supercritical (USC) steam generation is a derivation on the definitions of the temperature and pressure at which water vapor and liquid water are indistinguishable, aka the “Critical Point.” At that critical point of water some 705 degrees F/3208 psi, […]

While the plants that will be the world’s carbon recycling tools and biomass to fuel feedstocks are under intense examination one research group has an entirely fresh take on how genetics can be researched that could lead to a very different route on how we might harvest airborne CO2 and grow biomass for fuel. Fascination […]

It’s A Race!

November 11, 2008 | Leave a Comment

“We put a lot of pressure on them to be out there first,” said Peder Holk Nielsen, head of Novozymes‘s enzymes unit. “This is one of our must-win battles.” The enzyme business surely sees the coming technologies using heat such as gasification and Fischer-Tropsch units to convert biomass to fuels. Novozymes is also joining the […]

Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is in its second year of their Bioenergy Feedstock project. So far I know it’s the first and only project to explore the crops most suitable as sources for biofuels in the U.S. (There are similar, but not economically driven ones.) Donald Viands, professor of plant breeding […]

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