In the popular culture antimatter is seen as a science fiction energy source of immense power.  Popularized in the Star Trek sets of TV series and motion pictures the wondering minds number in the millions worldwide.  But so far we know very little factual data.  It’s worth looking into as the fact is the meeting […]

A group of researchers from the USA and Canada have proposed a method for cooling trapped the antimatter antihydrogen making it much more stable and a lot easier to experiment on.  The new method developed by the group could potentially cool trapped antihydrogen atoms to temperatures 25 times colder than what is already achieved.  The […]

Your humble writer is careful not to go where the basic understanding to be competent in getting the science into workable explanations isn’t within the resident skill set. But some things are just so tempting.  At the risk of seeming Star Trek, we’re going to have a run at antimatter and where there might be […]