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Hypermilers? That new word is meaningful, as it seems to be mainly a hybrid car owner’s effort to wring every cents worth of distance from their money. It’s moving into conventional cars, too.

It looks like Wayne Gerdes at cleanmpg.com has the credit for the new word. His article http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/articles/t-beating-the-epa-the-whys-and

-how-to-hypermile-1510.html looks to be the gold standard for starting a hypermile effort of your own.

One of my local TV stations is planning to run a piece on hypermile people locally and since they’re here, they are near you, too. Off course the TV slant is about some techniques that are perceived as dangerous. With some people reported to be competing with others well, radical ideas are sure to get a tryout.

A quick read through of Wayne’s article makes clear his focus is on hybrids. But Section II is applicable to practically everything on the road and offers a pretty comprehensive list of things you can do that are near free or completely free. Section III has a section called “Advanced Setup” that also offers a short list of money savers that applies to virtually everyone.

But the treat is in “Advanced Hypermiling Techniques.” Its written as if you are in a class for professionals, like what you might be studying at a race driving school. Admittedly some techniques run to the seeming extreme, but a careful reading shows they are not really dangerous as such, if used as instructed and usually would pose no threat to anyone else on the road. I liked this part even though I don’t use a hybrid car and I saw some ideas for my own use.

The treat, or “Huh?’ moment comes when you get to the paragraph “Rabbit Timing.” I’m going spoil it a little by saying this technique takes advantage of the nearby idiot, or “Rabbit.’ I have just Vowed Not To Be Someone’s “Rabbit.” Ever.

There are even subtle techniques for positioning your car to “wake up” drivers nearby. The next time I party I will be able to remember the site, cleanmpg.com and know enough to talk about it and say “I beat my car’s EPA by 1.4 mpg” which is just what I did last week using Jim Chiodo’s techniques.

I admit to getting a huge charge from Wayne’s article. I’m also encouraged by the idea there is competition out there for ever higher “FE” which in the hypermiler’s world seems to be the acronym for fuel economy.

So who can beat my 1.4 gain in mpg?


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  1. The Weekend Link List on November 9, 2007 10:24 AM

    […] article that offers a slideshow about ten fuel-saving tips from Wayne Gerdes who we discussed July 17th 2007.  Without a long comment on my part this is a top of the line fuel saver tip list, make yourself […]

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