Regular readers might recall this writer isn’t wedded to only using fluids for circulating into geothermal reservoirs.  A link sent by a reader led to a fellow well on the way to having a ground source geothermal system that transfers energy with air instead of water, antifreeze or other fluids.  Its an air to air […]

Felix Kramer, the founder of the California Cars Initiative, a Palo Alto CA based nonprofit, has an opinion or overview or criticism on the widely held views on battery technology that’s being applied to electric vehicles.  It’s a long one available at For you I’m going to review it, check some bits and opinionate […]

UOP LLC, a Honeywell owned company, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Boeing and Etihad Airways announced Monday an agreement to establish a research institute in Abu Dhabi dedicated to pioneering sustainable energy solutions. The project is being called the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Project (SBRP).  SBRP will use integrated saltwater agricultural systems (ISAS) to […]

University of Oxford researchers are developing a method for the homogeneous conversion of CO2 to methanol, with methanol as the only resulting C1 product.  With momentum building in the methanol powered fuel cell market there is good reason to be on the lookout for the lowest cost and highest efficiency paths for producing methanol. Andrew […]

Darrell Kosakewich was investigating new ways to settle the tailings ponds created by oilsands mining operations.  As he was investigating it occurred to him that discharging an electrically charged emulsion would settle out and release the entrained water and oil. Then the first time he froze a coal sample and it shattered into a piece, […]

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