My first obligation is to credit Brian Bloom as his series published at 321energy for the spark that triggered my spontaneous thoughts and drive this posting. Brian’s work is a series of 5 articles (6th reported to be coming, and I’m not waiting for it to review) in series starting at: I have some […]

Not long after the list posted I heard from M. Simon of who offered more links for Tom’s list. Having asked Tom, we’re a little chagrined to have overlooked this link, which is now added to the list. M. Simon enjoys high regard from Tom and his site is well worth adding to the […]

Slick and Save

August 13, 2007 | 2 Comments

Ali Erdemir offers up some really interesting findings for slicking up lubricants and fuels in the press release here: The research comes from the Dr’s. long term look at boric acid that has worked into a very helpful addition for making lubricants and fuels much more effective. The Argonne news release is top flight, […]

Tom Ligon has been generous enough to prepare and send to me a link list of the sites and resources that he suggests for looking into the Bussard Fusion Reactor. * * See note below. * * * Forum (Advanced Topics, “Interesting fusion talk …” Roger Fox animation: * […]

In an answer to some very sincere emails about fuel fundamentals I will lay out the basic facts and how they relate to each other. Today we’re using fuel in primarily three ways. Foremost in our minds is the portable or transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and ethanol because they are immediately affecting our […]

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