There is a long list of cars coming that will take you 100 miles or much more for a $3.00 gallon of gas. Its been quite a while now since one could get some place by car for $0.03 a mile or less for the fuel expense. With common 30 mpg cars available from most […]

Most of us are thinking that uranium is the fission fuel and for practical reasons today, that is so. The pluses are raw ore mining, processing and reactors all exist and there is a lot of experience on hand with new technology and innovations coming to produce much more energy. The downside is old technology […]

Nickel Zinc (NiZn) battery chemistry has met the European Union’s requirements for the Reductions of Hazardous Substances and 2006 Battery Directive as proposed by the U.S. company PowerGenix of San Diego, CA. NiZn is a chemistry discovered by Thomas Edison and developed by an Irish chemist, Dr James J. Drumm that first saw use in […]

Nitrogen fertilizer is a necessary man made soil additive for two important food crops, rice and corn, that need substantial amounts of natural gas to be made. The past two weeks have seen two noteworthy news releases that promise that the genes of plants that use the air and soil components and symbiotic bacteria, fungi […]

The marvels of human imagination are astonishing. Way back in 1951 Lyman Spitzer at Princeton University proposed a design for plasma containment now called a stellarator. Stellarator is a word supposed to suggest a connection to a “star machine” and is being built by the Max Planck Institute as a way to contain plasma for […]

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