Norwegian scientists are reporting promising findings in the journal Science this month that they explain a new enzyme that can crack the simple idea but very hard to do breakdown of chitin biomass into the simpler sugars needed for making things like ethanol or methane. Ethanol and methane are alternative energy fuels that can be […]

A team of Rice University and Lockheed Martin scientists has discovered a way to use simple silicon to radically increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. Watch this one, Rice University in Houston is famed for the ‘buckyball’ discovery now 25 years on for nanotechnology development and Lockheed Martin is deep into lots of high tech […]

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  (PNNL) redesign of sodium-nickel chloride batteries (a molten salt battery very similar to Sodium-sulfur battery or NaS) promises to overcome some of the obstacles long associated with very large rechargeable batteries. Replacing their typical cylindrical shape with a flat disc design allows the battery to […]

With no great surprise researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology found that substantial amounts of the greenhouse gas methane (natural gas) releases not only from large tropical reservoirs but also from run-of-the-river reservoirs in cool high mountainous Switzerland.  Its been known that warm reservoirs with a supply of organic matter […]

For the scientifically adept and honest people global warming is a huge embarrassment.  Not only have the main base perpetrators been caught but also the institutions that house their activities have gone deep into the coverup.  It’s just too much money to let integrity rule their actions.  The global warming scheme has tens of thousands […]

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