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November 9, 2007 | 7 Comments

Sometimes I am just astonished at simple words giving great meaning.  Investors’ Business Daily has an opinion piece that should be called educational for the larger population and a reality check for politicians.  “The assumption behind each of these ideas is that government will take money from you in the name of “curbing global warming” […]

Socialism has a hard time of it, naturally. One example is the ongoing shift of power from the democracy of Venezeula to the tyranny of Hugo Chavez. Just when the power hungry using socialism for cover think they have the economy worked out reality just keeps on going and going. Victor Salmeron in El Universal […]

First up is Geoffrey Stiles blog on Tuesday October 23, 2007.  Now Mr. Styles is one of the sharpest analysts and top communicators in the field and usually his posts run parallel to our points or sail way over.  But not this one.  Here Mr. Styles looks into the problems of fuel cell vehicles and […]

Weekend Link List

October 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

A must read. In order to say, “I get it” this link(s) is required reading. Here Paul Chefurka has invested a great deal of effort to provide a highly readable, thought provoking and fact backed look into the future as fuel and energy will play a huge role in what may become “Peak Humanity.” I […]

Grow Your Own! It’s a bit of a shock to realize what grim life styles would come when oil for fuel to grow food for 6 billion people becomes cost prohibitive. This article doesn’t really address the alternatives that will over time to displace the oil use; rather it just dives in to describe what […]

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