The list is getting much more traffic with each passing week. New folks can look over to the Categories in The Weekend Link Lists for the back reports.

First up is a site that reports on the anhydrous ammonia for fuel group’s meeting. Now before you go all “Huh? How can that be?” here are the fundamentals. Anhydrous ammonia is a little bit of nitrogen and a bunch of hydrogen yielding the highest density of hydrogen fuel that I’m aware of. Added to that is the technologies are essentially in hand now, right now. The transition to NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) is a little different and in a major way like using propane. LP gas (propane) has been for decades and is used for motor fuels so the hardware is readily available. So, this is a technology that is readily useable and offers a strong way to nix the oil for transport problem. The goldmine of info is Iowa State University’s Iowa Energy Center. The meeting was October 15 & 16 in San Francisco and the site now has most of the talks in pdf files that slowly download. Over the coming weeks they might get more info up, but that may need a boost by your visiting! There are engine, emission, production and lots of other discussions. This is a great site for what might be the solution for lots of oil imports. There are a lot of presentations, it’s really informative and deserves a bookmark, as it will take a wonderful while to look at it all.

Since oil seems to be the theme this week and I’ve been castigated, quoted, called lucky and berated it was still worth the trip. With gasoline and home heating oil posing real hardships on my fellow citizens these news bits are well worth the moment it takes to read them. In light of this you have to wonder how the brave can be bidding up oil so high. Those oil market prices are spot deliveries months out and these articles are oil production years in the making. But new oil sources are out there.

First is a story on Yahoo that reports on the Iraq jump in exports. Many will say right or wrong the Iraq war was about this. So if you’re choosing between the amount and quality of your food vs. pay for home heating oil this has to be a cause to say thanks for the military personnel who laid their lives on the line for us.

The other oil-based link is from Petroleum World written by Oliver L. Campbell. It’s an opinion piece but Campbell has the credentials. He speaks to oil finds around the world and the Brazilian and Venezuelan national oil companies. It’s a very different take from a place where the national oil company mindset is hard and Chavez must have most in the oil industry fully and justifiably paranoid.

With geothermal seeming to be off the radar from a national perspective and Iceland and California the two leaders in production its natural that the University Of California at Davis university paper The California Aggie has published Jacquelyn Flatt’s “Geologists Study Geothermal Heat As An Energy Source. This is a good piece, lucid and pretty complete although brief that will give many pause to wonder why more isn’t being done. She opens up a couple ideas I haven’t heard, so it’s got some news zip. You gotta wonder where the bucks are for geothermal.

I’m setting this to go up November 22, for the long the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday, so wherever you are, a Happy Thanksgiving to you – given in the spirit of our holiday. If time permits I might post Friday but will have the latest on Monday for certain.


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