A New Way to Find Oil

October 24, 2007 | 3 Comments

Last week news broke that Per Arne Bjorkum, University of Stavanger, Sweden and Paul Nadeau and Olav Walderhaug at Statoil have developed a new theory for locating oil and gas reserves.  After examining databases of 120,000 oil and gas fields they confirmed that the theory “The Golden Zone” is a fact that applies 90% of […]

Andy Kadir-Buxton has vigorously pursued his dream of deep well geothermal power plant installations for quite a few years and he’s still often commenting on articles and blogposts that mention or discuss the idea. Andy seems to be well liked and passionate about the idea. The premise is to drill to the depth where the […]

Many, especially those in the media and their followers believe that “the oil companies” are behind the high oil prices. With the oil companies controlling less than 20% of the world’s oil output that makes the theory pretty far from the facts, let alone the truth. It’s the OPEC countries and the others who export […]

Weekend Link List

October 19, 2007 | 1 Comment

A must read. In order to say, “I get it” this link(s) is required reading. Here Paul Chefurka has invested a great deal of effort to provide a highly readable, thought provoking and fact backed look into the future as fuel and energy will play a huge role in what may become “Peak Humanity.” I […]

With the ongoing realization that feeding corn sugar to yeast is a pretty poor way to make a pretty poor fuel there are some interesting ideas being researched and discussed in science circles. Getting past the fact that ethanol from corn is a “ because we know how” industry there is growing pressure to update […]

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