Dr. Greg Naterer of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is describing another new way to get hydrogen for fuel. Interviewed by Izabela Jaroszynski at newsdurhamregion.com Dr. Naterer talks about the idea to use the “spent” energy from nuclear reactions to mass-produce hydrogen in a sustainable and efficient way. Just what is meant by “spent” isn’t described, but the implication is that it could be energy gained after the steam from the reactor is passed by the turbines, with the latent heat remaining used for hydrogen generation.

That would be a neat dual use for the energy from nuclear reactors. If it is worked out from an engineering perspective, it would increase the value of a nuclear plant installation. Perhaps the nuclear industry wouldn’t feel the need to get an equity guaranty from taxpayers. This process could put a lot more tolerance into the public’s position about uranium-fueled reactors.

Although the article shows another innovation there is little in the way of hard facts. The process is one that is going on the list of technologies to watch.


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