It seems that Richard Nebel, leader of the Bussard Fusion effort at EMC2 in New Mexico while on leave from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) isn’t so much left as still working a wide ranging in the effort to get Inertial Electrostatic (IEC) Fusion into a successful technology.  It’s a very good sign to see […]

The glitch in people saving energy and power is information put to use.  The problem is important as many people ascribe to saving energy – the effort of research, the costs and the work involved vs. the simple habits of turning out the lights or turning down the thermostat.  Some blame can be laid on […]

Alan Lambowitz a Professor of Molecular Biology and Director of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Texas at Austin, explains: “Introns are mysterious elements in evolution. Until the 1970s it was believed that genes in all organisms would be continuous and that they would make a continuous RNA, which would then get […]

TU Delft in the Netherlands and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Spain researchers have a concept developed for the efficient catalytic cracking of unsaturated vegetable oil to greatly increase the production of gasoline and light olefins such as propane and butane. The scientists’ paper on their work was published in the journal ChemSusChem on Aug […]

The BP well blowout, fire, explosion and platform collapse, and the ensuing crude oil leak are without doubt the result of human failings.  Underestimating the quality of the reservoir is one reason, perhaps some engineering choices and safety oversights, inadequate equipment, testing that didn’t work out in the real world and all the rest only […]

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