Shang-Tian Yang, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio State University announced last week at the American Chemical Society meeting that he has engineered a mutant bacterium that doubles his butanol process output. Readers will recall that butanol is a near direct replacement for gasoline with nearly the same energy density and burning […]

With the bulk of the energy issues centered on transport fuels sourced from oil, excepting the pollution and CO2 matter that coal offers, the pressure has mounted on the major oil use – worldwide personal transport vehicles, the dream realized by many and desired by many many more. When someone critically views the impacts that […]

BusinessWire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company run by the famed Warren Buffet and Charles Munger has republished a press release from the Amazon Defense Coalition prepared and pushed out by Karen Hinton of Hinton Communications, a PR firm. The Hinton press release is a seriously skewed update on the Chevron side of the old Texaco pollution […]

Hydrogen is the key to cheap and abundant fuels.  Carbon, plentiful and available in a wide array of forms is hardly in any short supply, but hydrogen seems to end up bound back with oxygen forming water.  Breaking hydrogen back out, cheaply, is a goal of major importance. A researcher team at the Dalian Institute […]

June 2008 saw the University of California Davis’ Western Cooling Challenge inauguration.  The Cooling Challenge is a program of activities designed to help cooling-unit manufacturers deliver better products, and to help building owners install and use those products in their new and existing low-rise, nonresidential buildings such as suburban retail and office buildings. The first […]

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