I was honored to be asked to participate in a conference call with Peter Robertson of Chevron Tuesday afternoon. This is the link to read the text of it. This is the link to the recording of the conversation. (May 20, 2008 API Blogger Conference Call. Also, the audio will download but may not play […]

The price of oil has about doubled in less than a year. Coal has jumped up a similar percentage, too. The specialty press, the Internet writers, mainstream media, investors, producers and customers are by some perspective or another agog at the whole thing. Things are different now and will get a lot more different. The […]

Creativity, invention, innovation, progress, and change are all coming in the technology of energy and fuels. We have all just been through a massive change in electronic developments that has computers in essentially every home and in many autos, as fixtures at work, and new TVs next year whether you’re ready or not. The concentration […]

The week before last saw the Basques offer they have a fuel cell that can be fueled by methanol. With in a day I had received multiple notices that MIT in Massachusetts and Sharp of Japan were also in the hunt for methanol fuel cells. There is a lot of valuable “why” in those efforts. […]

With masterstrokes of enthusiasm, diligence and genuine niceness, M. Simon who runs iecfusiontech.blogspot.com has enticed the best minds that are most knowledgeable about Dr. Robert Bussard’s inertial confinement technique to fuse atoms to participate with him in a forum. With the people like himself, the estimable Tom Ligon , and lately the leader at ECM2, […]

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