A large group of scientists has published a study that explains a noteworthy information set about the differences between the common and dreaded dry rot fungus that attacks wooden structures and the familiar white rot fungus.  With a full genome now published a much larger array of data is available and some interesting application potential […]

It’s not a joke, MIT’s Miles C. Barr, Jill A. Rowehl, Richard R. Lunt, Jingjing Xu, Annie Wang, Christopher M. Boyce, Sung Gap Im, and Vladimir Bulović led by Karen K. Gleason are printing photovoltaic cells on regular paper.  Moreover, the process as being reported in MIT News, its possible to print on ordinary untreated […]

Quantum dots are particles of semiconductor material that can absorb and emit light efficiently.  For many looking into the future these really tiny dots of material offer great promise. University of Toronto (UT) researchers examining the photosynthetic apparatus in plants have been inspired to devise and engineer a new generation of nanomaterials that control and […]

Today biodiesel is made by the batch, a naturally less efficient way for processes to run.  A continuous process would be less expensive to run, easier to manage and need less storage and product movement both in front and at the finished side. Continuous biodiesel production would get less expensive, more competitive and become more […]

University of Nevada’s Bureau of Mines and Geology in the College of Science funded by a $1 million Department of Energy grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has reached the one-year mark.  The money is being spent to understand and characterize geothermal potential at nearly 500 sites throughout the Great Basin […]

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