Love between people is mostly about the acts between us. Within our minds what we give and what we want are the measures for how we perceive the love we feel. Ok, its completely off the site topic, yet tomorrow is Christmas Day, the main holiday to express our love to everyone we care about. […]

Princeton University researcher Claire Gmachl, the director of the Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment Center the study leader, announced discovery of an entirely new mechanism for making common electronic materials emit laser beams. The new device could lead to lasers that operate more efficiently and at higher temperatures than existing devices. The Princeton […]

The Algae Problems

December 22, 2008 | 16 Comments

Lots of email comes commenting on a shortage of algae news. One prime reason is that most research is privately done so making whatever information that could be disclosed -limited and if escaped, subject to liability. We will only get what companies want out for quite some time to come. Next is the field is […]

Eric Lerner may well twist a few bands of electric arc and their magnetic fields to wring fusion for a lot of energy output with Focus Fusion. As an admirer of Dr. Bussard I have a “heads up” for fusion alternatives to ITER with its tokamak built out of an old Soviet idea that would […]

All across the Internet this past Thursday and Friday was the announcement that Blacklight of the soon to be very famous Dr. Randell L. Mills signed its first paying customer. Based in a press release, the news sounds great to start. But the details such as payments, installation dates and other sundry items are well, […]

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