NYU Stern Professor Melissa Schilling, an expert in strategic management and technology and innovation management, and Melissa Esmundo are finding that the cost of generating electricity with geothermal or wind energy is a fraction of the cost of solar energy. More importantly the performance of both is improving much more per dollar of R&D invested […]

I nudged the wonderful Jane Van Ryan at the API last week shortly after the press release came out about ExxonMobil and Craig Venter’s SGI setting out with $600 million to try to get algae sourced oils into the market.  Even at ExxonMobil, $600 million is a sizeable amount of money, with a certain amount […]

I don’t mean the infamous scooters sold for those with infirmities meant for moving about within a home or other facilities.  Rather, what the rest of world outside of the U.S sees as an electric bike (ebike). A U.S firm is about to break out into a major market outside of China.  Now China is […]

While some of us have repeatedly pointed out, here and Al Fin Energy as the short list of examples, efficiency can have a huge payoff.  One professor, Dan Sperling has a book out titled “Two Billion Cars: Driving Toward Sustainability” that might tweak one’s thoughts.  It has in fact tweaked Geoffrey Styles who writes the […]

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will determine this year if their innovative approach can safely and economically extract and convert heat from vast untapped geothermal resources.  PNNL’s Laboratory Fellow Pete McGrail says, “By the end of the calendar year, we plan to have a functioning bench-top prototype generating electricity.  If […]

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