Ever Cat Fuels Corporation has its pilot plant for biodiesel up and running at a 50,000-gallon annual rate. Later this year with a new facility completed the capacity will grow another 3 million gallons annually. Ever Cat is using a process named Mcgyan after the three scientists who devised the process. But the story goes […]

Wednesday Royal Dutch Shell and Virent Energy Systems of Madison Wisconsin announced their collaboration to develop biogasoline. The deal is using the existing research and development work of Virent in catalysts that convert plant sugars into hydrogen and fuel gas, a combination of hydrogen, methane, propane and CO2. The research so far has been quite […]

To really do something about oil imports, gasoline and diesel consumption (and CO2 emissions) America will have to get a grip on the light truck issue. They make up the largest share and have the poorest fuel economy of the U.S. fleet. For some owners the light truck is a tool that pulls and carries […]

Is America missing a huge opportunity in agriculture development while it ignores the boom in jatropha in Asia, South America, India and Africa?  Last June BP announced it was funding the development of D1 Oils which has 172,000 hectares in jatropha at the announcement date with the investment to be used for more seed stock […]

Late yesterday CST, Royal Dutch Shell and HR Biopetroleum announced a joint venture called Cellana for production of oil-bearing algae. Construction of the pilot facility is commencing immediately in an area already populated by pharmaceutical and nutritional algae producers. The joint venture will initially mutually support and be supported by academic researchers from the University […]

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