Global information provider New Energy Finance contracted by the UN’s Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative says in “Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009” that $155 billion was invested in 2008 in clean energycompanies and projects worldwide, not including large hydro. Even without a deep exposure of how the numbers and the criteria […]

There is a lot of natural gas out there in the ground and stored away in methane hydrates. Today we’ll look into the land based new production skills that are releasing a lot of natural gas that used to be uneconomic as it is locked into rock that is so low in porosity that it […]

You’ve already voted for Congresspersons and the pig is over the pit now. The issues are numerous, related, unrelated and bewildering fraught with unknown costs and changes. It’s called ‘Cap-and-Trade,’ the Congress’s idea of solving global warming hysteria with an energy revolution. I can’t remember a bigger more diffused economic disaster show in memory. This […]

Yugen Zhang, Ph.D., team leader at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore announced through a paper in the international chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition, where it was designated a “Hot Paper.” that the team activated carbon dioxide in a mild and non-toxic process to produce methanol, by using organocatalysts. The journal […]

Bruce E. Logan, Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering at Penn State University and his team discovered a process that dramatically improves methane, the main part of natural gas production from microbes by adding a slight electrical current. The paper published this week in Environmental Science and Technology discussed an optimal result of capturing the current […]

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