Stupid is as stupid does. Last week saw some states attorneys’ generals file suit to compel the EPA to regulate CO2. So . . . a judge is going to decide that, what one responsible or credible person could say what might be the CO2 policy – but can not for lack of any reasonable or rational data, some sort of regulation may or may not be ordered. Beware living plants, your food source is now at risk from a U.S. judge. It’s enough to genuinely worry anyone who eats plants or things that ate plants. Its not like CO2 is some dangerous gas, its FOOD. The marvel in all of this is the US Supreme court decided that the EPA could/should regulate CO2. As if one country’s agency can master the whole planets’ carbon cycle. The daftness in all of this is just stunning. But the record, or breakthrough from the combined legal assault by a group of AGs on the tobacco companies is the precedent. We may gravely regret this sooner than later.

Realistically, the scale of carbon in the planet’s living cycle is stupendous; the atmospheric share at any given moment is microscopic in share and dynamic, disappearing almost as fast as it can be expelled. We don’t actually have a firm idea what an optimal proportion would be if mankind could muster the resources to have a regulating impact. Therein lies the problem, mustering resources. No doubt, regulating CO2, whether mankind sourced, or naturally occurring is a mammoth project. If you thought the government had a hand deep in your pocket before, just watch, never has such an incalculable prospect been offered for taxpayer or regulation forced spending been tried before.

Round one is the AGs suit to force the EPA to regulate oil refinery’s emissions. Its not real clear if they mean the process emission or the emissions of the products while being used by the consumers. Either way – you’re going to pay – all while the price of oil is on a launching pad for higher prices. Just to be dumb the AGs went after refineries in a supposed hope to hide behind the gaping idiocy of people’s habit of demeaning the oil companies. The big target, by far, would be burning coal for generating electricity.

The AGs are from the states of New York (Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General, leading antagonist), California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, the District of Columbia, the City of New York. It looks like a democrat assault on the republicans doesn’t it?

Actually it’s an attack on consumers, people and business, you and me. The new costs will find their way to us. If CO2 was a proven dangerous gas as opposed to being the primary form of moving food through nature I wouldn’t be so alarmed. No one in the mainstream press is going to get it; they are all suckers of the Al Gore cocktail of global warming.

Somehow I thought AGs were supposed to be watching out for citizens instead of leading foolishness to harm the economy and our livelihoods. But I’m just one taxpayer; there is lots of environmental money for re-elections that will get thrown at these AGs. Money talks, but over time the damage done to us will be several orders of magnitude more than those campaign contributions. It’s another case of special interests overwhelming the general welfare. Maybe folks in the states where these AGs work might:

Cry Havoc! And Recall the SOBs!

There is another much more responsible way to “regulate” man’s output of CO2. Just keep going for more, cheaper and better. An un stated author writing in Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business covering the thoughts of associate dean Gerry Keim who points out that over time, and not all that much when thinking it through, the energy economy will right itself and CO2 along with it. It’s an excellent piece.

On the other hand – it would a funny stupid if it weren’t for the risk of hundreds of billions of dollars that will come out of our accounts to pay for it. So I’m laughing, hoping maybe the judge on the case isn’t a dimwit. The Brit’s judge didn’t get hornswaggled by Al Gore’s movie after all. There’s a bit of hope.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!


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    I disagree with the above remark. I think in these tough economic times we need to rethink our old ways of thinking.

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