A team of researchers at Boston College and Duke University have developed a highly engineered metamaterial capable of absorbing all of the light that strikes, to the point of a scientific standard of perfection. The metamaterial uses geometric surface features to capture the electric and magnetic properties of light in the shorter spectrum share of […]

Lux Research stirred up a lot of coverage over their press release about the energy storage market. It’s a pretty fair read by itself. We don’t pull enough revenue here to buy all the payment barriered things that can be read on the Internet and in truth, little of what the press release offers is […]

ElectraTherm has completed the first in place testing of their waste heat to electricity unit at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The ElectraTherm unit is a waste heat recovery unit that generates electricity. The heat to electricity unit uses temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The first unit was installed by Gulf Coast […]

This sort of thing drives physicists nuts. Today we’ll look at another electric motor that is engineered and constructed so that the electricity coming in added to what I suppose must be some of the atomic magnetic force of the permanent magnets, is alleged to put out more power than goes in. These things have […]

The X Prize Foundation made news last week with a $100 million dollars of prize money for a “suite” of categories in cost effective energy and minimal environmental impact. Two prizes are decided, the ultra efficient passenger vehicle and the biofuel prize we have already heard about. Here is the meat about the rest of […]

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