Brian Wang of NextBigFuture posted about improvements to atomic fission processes with four new concepts that are making their way forward. With atomic fission provided the U.S. with about 20% of the electrical power generation even minor improvements are significant. Any new fission plant is faced with difficult, time consuming and expensive barriers to get […]

This weekend brought an email from a 13 year old. He asked simply why I hadn’t written about “Carbon Credits” and the effect that will have on energy and fuels. In the course of the letter, the matter was raised that he and his classmates see the carbon credit thing as something that will increase […]

All you need is a location with a high temperature and a lower temperature. Take two copper wires and a length of steel wire. Twist one end of each copper wire at each end of the steel wire. Immerse one end of the now coiled wire in a heated location and the other in a […]

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