Lehigh University physicists Ivan Biaggio, professor of physics, and Pavel Irkhin, a Ph.D. candidate, have developed an imaging technique that makes it possible to directly observe light-emitting excitons as they diffuse in a new material that is being explored for its extraordinary electronic properties. The problem for low cost plastic based solar cells the absorption […]

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest Lab (PNL) have used a common protein to guide the design of a material that can free hydrogen gas to store energy. The synthetic material works 10 times faster than the original source protein found in water-dwelling microbes. A common microbe stores energy in the bonds of hydrogen gas with […]

They must have some interesting brains storming sessions at Rice University.  Bioengineering researchers at Rice have unveiled a new method for rapidly converting simple glucose, sugar, into biofuels and petrochemical substitutes.  Rice’s team describes with a paper published online in Nature, how it reversed one of the most efficient of all metabolic pathways — the […]

Duke assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, Nico Hotz, proposes a hybrid option in which sunlight heats a combination of water and methanol in a maze of glass tubes on a rooftop.  Using two catalytic reactions, the system produces hydrogen much more efficiently than current technology without […]

JBI of Thorold, Ontario Canada has entered into an agreement with Rock-Tenn Company to convert Rock-Tenn’s mill by-product waste into petroleum products using JBI’s Plastic2Oil™ technology. JBI’s Plastic2Oil™  can use unwashed, mixed waste plastics.  JBI developed and scaled up the original processor, then enhanced and commercialized a process that converts difficult to recycle waste plastics […]

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