Observers, journalists and investors don’t always know the finer details of the qualities of biomass destined for making fuel.  The question of how much useable starch and sugar there is in batch is quite significant to the cost basis of raw materials. Seed companies are already coming out with hybrids of plants that are much […]

Disruptive Governing

August 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

Whatever one might think of the Obama presidency and the progress of the country or the direction the country is headed, the question is coming up more and more on whether the President has the best interests of the country in mind or serves his ideology first – a way to describe one kind of […]

To answer uncounted emails that basically ask, “What do you think . . .” your humble writer offers a basic guide for your reference.  To start, all government intrusions included, energy and fuels are going to be provided to people with market systems. What people are paying for by buying is – energy assisted work. […]

Statoil has confirmed their new oil field discovery will be classified as a giant oil field discovery.  Two reservoir zones called the Aldous and Avaldsnes are believed to be communicating the petroleum. Combined the discovery should come in between 500 million and 1.2 billion barrels of recoverable oil equivalent.  Note that’s ‘recoverable’ – making for […]

Iron as a catalyst is making news, especially in Europe where the element is suspected to have a role in the catalyst for the Rossi E-Cat.  That might be the case as scientists at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique Varennes, Québec, Canada (INRS) have published a paper in Nature Communications showing an iron […]

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