Norbert Müller at Michigan State University in East Lansing has developed a prototype engine using a shock wave from the air/fuel valve closure compressing the mixture to ignition to drive a disk or rotor. Müller presented the new engine last week at a meeting organized by the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency […]

An absolute nemesis for both the environmentalist and the oil producer is oil in sand.  Whether its oil soaking into the beach or billions of barrels in sand reservoirs, getting oil out of sand is a very big idea.  Now Penn State researchers seem to have a new and very workable solution. A new, more […]

Professor Paul Braun has been leading a research group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reporting a significant breakthrough in the development of battery technology.  The research group has found a way to enable fast charging and discharging of electrical power while retaining high-energy storage capacity. Here’s the problem, rapidly charging and discharging rates […]

The U.S. oil industry, the world leader in technology in extracting oil, is leading an new oil boom from the reserviours that were overlooked because the oil wouldn’t flow from tight sands and shale rocks.  For now the big rush is getting underway from the U.S. example of natural gas and oil recovery using horizontal […]

Fast answer – an interesting concern.  Those words are chosen as the human tragedy unfolds.  Perhaps hundreds or thousands of people are exposed to the elements, including overnights in cold windy and wet weather.  Thousands more have perished.  The nuclear problems while serious in several ways are secondary shows.  Food and shelter progress information is […]

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