Suzuki Motor Corp’s Burgman model based Fuel Cell Scooter is the world’s first fuel-cell electric vehicle to earn Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) in the EU. With the WVTA it’s possible to sell a vehicle in all of the member nations of the European Union.  The WVTA allows an end run from an expensive certification […]

Bridgelux of Livermore California is claiming a breakthrough in using silicon to fabricate light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Their answer might be a breakthrough in producing LEDs at affordable prices with performance worthy of converting consumers. Light-emitting diodes are expected to be the new-wave components in many lighting applications because of their superior energy efficiency and longevity. […]

According to a report released last week by Pike Research we’ll see a significant increase in the use of geothermal as an energy source between now and 2020. The Pike Research analyst constructed several scenarios based on an estimated 10.7 gigawatts of geothermal capacity in existence throughout the world in 2010. The U.S., the world’s […]

Sometimes you have to wonder, how did so much energy get packed away in the earth’s crust?  Even with tens of millions of years, moving continents, a series of biological eras, and uncountable tons of materials piled, laid out and compressed, the reservoir numbers coming in since horizontal drilling and reservoir fracturing grew out of […]

One hundred dollar oil sends a shiver through the economy. One hundred ten dollar oil gets consumer reactions.  If oil prices stay climbing the consuming economic players will respond with demand destruction.  If one believes the hysteria in the press and the pundits, a rollout of $200 a barrel oil and gasoline over $5 is […]

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