Whether you harbor a” cap and trade” or the “cap and tax” label for the carbon targeted by the activists in control now of governments, uncertainty is the prime result.  That uncertainty is followed, if not mixed, with a great deal of mistrust.  It’s not lost on those with lifetimes of work and investment in […]

You’ve already voted for Congresspersons and the pig is over the pit now. The issues are numerous, related, unrelated and bewildering fraught with unknown costs and changes. It’s called ‘Cap-and-Trade,’ the Congress’s idea of solving global warming hysteria with an energy revolution. I can’t remember a bigger more diffused economic disaster show in memory. This […]

Four Economic Mistakes

November 7, 2008 | 11 Comments

While America is filled with joy and consternation over the election and the results I’ve been thinking about what should be done about the economy. The more obvious thing is to list the “For God’s Sake, Don’t Do This List.” It’s a rather short. Founded in hard experience by America’s economy, visible to any student […]

It seems like this election season is filled with more attention from the media than any in memory. Its not, rather there is a lot more venues for election information to get to people. The old media like newspapers and radio, the middle aged outlets of TV are supplanted by several cable news channels, news […]

It seems there are six or seven categories of incentives: tax policy, regulation, research and development funding, market activity, government services and disbursements. As you’ll see an incentive is just as easily and effectively a disincentive. Tax policy has been, by far, the most widely used form of incentive mechanism, accounting for $325 billion (45 […]

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