Raser Technologies, Inc., a NYSE traded firm (RZ) announced it has released a video news report updating shareholders and the public on its progress to complete the full-sized SUV plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) demonstration vehicle incorporating the Company’s Symetron technologies. Working in conjunction with FEV and a yet to be named global auto manufacturer, they […]

The Argonne National Laboratory, a Chicago-based developer of new battery technologies announced that it has formed an alliance with fourteen U.S. companies to manufacture lithium ion batteries for automobiles. Developing the capability to mass manufacture advanced battery cells is expected to require investment of one to two billion dollars over the coming five years, it […]

Many of us are familiar with accumulators in gas and hydraulic systems as a vessel that stores a volume usually with an internal diaphragm that has a spring force by a compressed gas. The result is a cell that can buffer the system gases or fluids smoothing pressure spikes. As a practical point though, a […]

John Axsen and Ken Kurani at the University of California’s Institute of Transportation Studies completed what may become a landmark in getting good handles on the personal vehicles available for purchase in the coming years in the form of plugin hybrid electric vehicles. (A pdf download) What the study learned is the state of consumer […]

This week saw EEStor CEO and president Richard Weir, who is also a co-inventor, announce that its processes and equipment have apparently been verified by Ed Golla, lab director of Texas Research International, a multidisciplinary research, development and testing company in Austin, Texas. EEStor added that Ian Treviranus of Horiba Instruments says the company’s technology […]

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