Almost everyone coming here has a firm idea that battery technology is a critical part of the changes we need to see for a healthy economy. There is a lot going on in the research and development field. We’re going to look into one in a moment, but first lets have a reality check on […]

Professors Richard Larrick and Jack Soll at Duke University assert in their article in Science on June 20 2008 that gallons per mile has more value than miles per gallon. I agree, as I’ve figured that way and look to what it costs to get the miles we need traveled. Miles per gallon just confuses […]

Lux Research stirred up a lot of coverage over their press release about the energy storage market. It’s a pretty fair read by itself. We don’t pull enough revenue here to buy all the payment barriered things that can be read on the Internet and in truth, little of what the press release offers is […]

The American Petroleum Institute who by their gracious effort to get a cross section of bloggers invited yours truly, to attend the Newsweek, Chevron, Woods Institute and Precourt Institute at Stanford University panel discussion. The disclosure is the API covered the travel and lodging, no big surprise, and I see they get a great deal […]

The batteries are good enough – at least A123 Systems has batteries that will make the cut and there are likely more to come. A123 Systems is shipping their lithium based technology to Black and Decker for their professional line of power tools. These tools are said to be even more powerful than corded tools […]

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