Donald Sadoway, the John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry at MIT found that a process called molten oxide electrolysis could use iron oxide from the lunar soil to make oxygen in abundance, with no special chemistry. He tested the process using lunar-like soil from Meteor Crater in Arizona – which contains iron oxide from […]

Ohio State University engineers are testing a clean coal technology that harnesses the energy of coal producing heat while capturing 99% of the carbon dioxide produced in the reaction.  The test combustion unit reaction ran 203 continuous hours. The new form of clean coal technology reached an important milestone with the successful operation of a […]

Leslie Bromberg of MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center and Wai K. Cheng of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory authored a white paper assessing the prospects for methanol as an alternative transportation fuel in the U.S. The pair states that methanol is a safe and viable transportation fuel, although it not as good as ethanol in […]

Lots of writers splurge into ‘expertise’ with annual reviews of the past year’s events.  Most are done out of historical context, relying instead on the contemporary opinion to justify an article.  It’s very easy.  But let’s try to see what is significant. Using the basic energy inputs we’ll start with solar radiation.  The industries, both […]

Phoenix-based CoalSack Energy, Inc. is a fledgling company launched four months ago with the express goal of taking their groundbreaking technology to market. It’s based on the technology developed by Harold L. Bennett, a 78-year-old civil engineer from Albuquerque. It seems that CoalSack is in the pretreatment of coal business, until now a non-existing business, […]

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