The Energy Future

December 12, 2011 | 2 Comments

ExxonMobil has their 2012 Outlook out for anyone to see and its different from what the government agencies are saying by some pleasing measures and some measures that will disappoint some folks. The variance comes from ExxonMobil being in business where careers, investors and consumers have to live with the results.  As the world’s largest […]

In Washington, a coalition called FuelChoiceNow has opened for business.  With gasoline and diesel priced near $4.00US and a record year in progress for the average fuel costs, fuel costs are giving the world’s largest transport fuel market a serious case of personal and business budget realignment and a national economic recession. FuelChoiceNow believes the […]

The press may howl the politicians take stands and the consumers wonder but the chemistry needed for life isn’t going away. The chemical market from the raw material producer to the end user all have a need for standards, the way things are described and disclosed so decisions can be made. Chemical companies and manufacturers […]

The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) has for the first time, drawn content from two ACS journals – JACS and Environmental Science & Technology – under the theme of “Harnessing Energy for a Sustainable World”. The ACS selected 11 papers concerning materials and methods for energy production and storage (e.g., fuel cells, batteries, bio-hydrocarbon fuels and […]

A new paper from North Carolina State University’s Dr. Stephen Schanz offers a “how-to” guide on intellectual property protection, laying out the options for budding entrepreneurs as they consider how to move forward.  The question at any stage of building out one’s idea is how should a person protect those ideas?  Schanz is offering a […]

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